Nonprofit Board Responsibilities and Resources With Lisa Lumbard

Episode Summary

CPAs are often called on to serve on nonprofit boards and often in the treasurer role, so it is important for all CPAs to be aware of issues facing nonprofits and how to assist in addressing them. Lisa B. Lumbard, CPA, CGFM, shares important issues in the nonprofit world and how these topics will be addressed at the ASCPA’s Not-for-Profit Conference on Sept. 17.

Episode Notes

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This podcast will cover the following topics:

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Lisa B. Lumbard, CPA, CGFM, has been serving not-for-profit organizations for over 35 years with 25 of those years as the head of Lumbard & Associates, PLLC auditing firm and currently as a not-for-profit consultant and leadership trainer.  She received the Executive Leadership Certification from the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation and serves on multiple boards and committees including the Arizona State Board of Accountancy, Arizona Society of CPAs, Valleywise Health and the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits.  Lisa is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and passionate about the importance and success of not-for-profit organizations.